What is business management?

What is business management? :
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2 What is business management?
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Management The science of business administration is a very important social science; As it forms the backbone of any company or institution, whatever its type or size, and this is because the ineffective management of any institution will definitely lead to ineffective results, as many markets and institutions depend on business management. The science of business administration is one of the most important branches of the science of management, and the science of management is one of the most important social human sciences that stipulates basic rules and principles used in managing the jobs and resources available to any establishment, whether those resources are human or material, and the main goal of All this is to achieve the goals of the facility as efficiently as possible. Management in the eyes of scientists is nothing but science like any other science that has its rules and ramifications, while some see it as an art of expertise and skill, meaning that the real manager cannot succeed if he only follows the rules of management, but needs a lot of experience and awareness to be able To manage human elements in the best way, management actually needs both art and skill alongside rules and theories, just as science of marketing. What is business management? Business Administration is the most important branch of management science as we mentioned earlier, and it is directly related to projects aimed at profit and its internal matters, such as increasing production and reducing costs, and business management is divided into two main parts: the first is "performance", and the other is "operations management", Each department is concerned with studying specific sections and explaining solutions to their problems. On the other hand, business administration is important work in developing future plans for operation and production, and business management can be defined as: one of the most important processes and methods related to organizing available resources and planning to use them. What specializes in business administration and business management is one of the most important factors that have a positive impact on the rise of companies and the development of their sales, and the fact that business management is a task that makes it an important job as well; As the specialty of business administration is one of the most specializations that labor markets need everywhere in the world, and among the institutions that need business management specialists we find banks and companies, and this is to provide employees who are able to manage projects, and this is why young people are accepted to study business management specialization given that it provides Students have many job opportunities in multiple sectors, whether governmental or private, and business professionals can work in many different jobs. The first business school was opened in 1819, which is the supreme college of commerce in Paris, the capital of France, and then the United States joined in 1881 with the opening of the first American business school, which is (Wharton), and in 1908 one of the most important business schools was established worldwide It's Harvard. On the other hand, a business administration lesson gets opportunities to work in many areas, namely: Marketing Management: The marketing department within any company consists of a team headed by a manager, and the importance of the marketing manager lies in his management of the best methods of marketing and promoting products, as well as providing appropriate offers To acquire new customers and achieve the highest possible profits. Investment management: The investment manager searches for investors to invest in the company, and then increase its capital and profits and operate new projects. In the event that the company is huge, the investment manager also seeks to find good opportunities for the company to invest in companies and other projects. Human Resources Management (HR): The Human Resources Management division is one of the most important departments in every company; It is concerned with selecting employees and managing their affairs, as it is the link between management and employees, and the Director of Human Resources is important because the most important elements of the company are its employees. The importance of business management Business management relies on the implementation of four main functions, namely: Planning: The planning process is the first and most important business management process; Suitable plans are put in place, whether they are long-term or near-term, and strategies that will lead to appropriate decision-making are finally adopted. Coordination: After developing the plans and strategies that the company must follow and work on, it is moved to the step of organization and coordination, which coordinates the work of the company and the organization as a whole using administrative methods, including distributing tasks to the appropriate employees and monitoring the progress of tasks. Leadership: Both the company’s division and sector managers, as well as the company’s manager himself, must follow positive leadership styles, and leadership is the application of positive influencing methods to employees by motivating and communicating with them effectively, as well as providing training and assistance to them, as we mentioned; The employees are the most important thing any company in the world has, so they should be directed, motivated and effective. Control: Business administration professionals must be a little firm, besides motivating and directing employees, they should also be monitored and the workflow in general and its results monitored, by looking at sales reports and other reports, and then comparing them to standard reports, and managers must monitor employee errors and shortcomings And then take the appropriate action to correct things.

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