El-Sisi: We will not give up our rights in the Nile waters ... and I dream that our exports will reach $ 100 billion

El-Sisi: We will not give up our rights in the Nile waters ... and I dream that our exports will reach $ 100 billion

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi stressed the need to raise the level of management in existing or opening projects, to achieve the concept of sustainability, and to continue those projects to provide the best levels of production.
During his speech at the opening of the Rubiky complex today, Al-Sisi stressed the need to raise the level of fitness for workers and to monitor their level of production on a daily basis,
And verify the achievement of business targets to their required levels.

Spinning and weaving factories opened in Al-Mahalla El-Kubra
Al-Sisi stressed that success depends on good management and continued work in earnest, noting that the country is in the process of an ambitious plan to develop the textile sector, especially in Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra.
Al-Sisi said that during the next two years, a number of spinning and weaving factories will be opened in Mahalla El-Kubra at the highest level, indicating that the goal of establishing these factories is to preserve what Egypt achieves in production levels in the spinning and weaving sector.

100 billion dollars Egyptian exports
In his speech, President Al-Sisi said that he dreams that Egypt's exports will reach about 100 billion dollars during the next three years, stressing that Egypt has all the ingredients that qualify it to achieve this.

Trillion pounds investments in desalination
On the issue of the Renaissance Dam, President Sisi reassured the Egyptians of the course of the case, stressing that the justice of the case confirms Egypt's right to the waters of the Nile without causing harm to it.
At the same time, Al-Sisi stressed that Egypt stands next to all African countries in the field of development, so as not to harm other countries.
Al-Sisi added that the Egyptians' concern about the issue is a legitimate concern, calling on the Egyptians at the same time to exert more effort, stop unhelpful statements, and go to work with full force during the coming period.
Al-Sisi stressed that Egypt is negotiating its right to the waters of the Nile, stressing that Egypt will not sign any document or statement that represents harm to its rights in the waters of the Nile, noting that the negotiation period may be prolonged.
He explained that Egypt is currently implementing huge investments in the field of water desalination, amounting to one trillion pounds, until the year 2037, in order to meet the needs of citizens in light of the population increase experienced by Egypt.

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