Madbouly: “Corona” made speeding up the development of the Egyptian pharmaceutical industry an urgent necessity

Madbouly: “Corona” made speeding up the development of the Egyptian pharmaceutical industry an urgent necessity

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, said that the “Corona” crisis taught us a lot, and we are still learning from it, as it represents a major challenge for all countries of the whole world, noting that what became urgent during this crisis is the need to accelerate the process of developing the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt.
Catalysts support the way forward in the pharmaceutical industry

The Prime Minister added, “We held several meetings in this regard before the current crisis occurred, but the Corona pandemic contributed to the acceleration of putting this issue up for discussion again, especially since we already have several incentives that contribute to moving forward with this vital file, including the presence of a large market, as well as The possibility of exporting to the African continent.


This came during a cabinet meeting today, Monday, headed by Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, on discussing mechanisms for developing the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt, in the presence of Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, and Dr. Mohamed Awad Taj Religion, Advisor to the President of the Republic for Health and Prevention, Major General Bahaa El-Din Zaidan, Chairman of the Egyptian Consolidated Purchase and Medical Supplies and Medical Technology Department, and Dr. Tamer Essam, Chairman of the Egyptian Medicines Authority.

Expediting the registration procedures for medicines
Dr. Mostafa Madbouly stressed the need to accelerate the procedures for registering medicines, while setting incentives for factories to develop and expand their industries, as he instructed the Prime Minister to develop a clear vision and a specific implementation plan to develop the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt.

The Prime Minister instructed to follow up on all international attempts to manufacture a vaccine to counter the "Corona" virus, provided that coordination is done with the competent authorities to provide an appropriate share for Egypt, according to the President's assignments in this regard.

Madbouly stressed, during the meeting, the necessity of providing various medicines in all hospitals and pharmacies, and making them available to citizens with ease and ease, with the need for full coordination in this matter between the ministries of health and higher education, and both the Egyptian Authority for Unified Purchase and the Egyptian Medicines Authority.

A meeting between the government, drug makers, and manufacturers
The Prime Minister noted that at a later meeting, officials of the pharmaceutical industry, and the manufacturers themselves, will be invited to listen to their opinions, suggestions, and complaints related to this industry to work on developing and advancing it.

For her part, the Minister of Health and Population, Dr. Hala Zayed, said, "We have been keen over the past two years to provide medicines completely and fairly."

She pointed out that the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt is progressing with great strides, and had a great role in supporting the state to face various challenges, which is the most important of the major role that it played in treating citizens from the "C" virus.

Zayed confirmed that the drug makers have succeeded in bringing in some important drugs that contribute to the treatment of patients from the "Corona" virus, to be manufactured in Egypt, and then it is important to coordinate with the drug makers to develop this important national industry.

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar said that Egypt is the first Arab and African in this industry.


Opening new markets on the African continent
He pointed out that the country possesses the basic ingredients for leadership in this sector, especially with more than 150 existing factories at the present time, and that there are multiple comparative advantages for this sector, which qualifies it to open new markets on the African continent, and that Egypt is a preferred source of products The pharmacy; Because of its lower cost than its counterparts in various countries of the world.

Abdel Ghaffar explained that the country is making great efforts to work towards achieving self-sufficiency of medicines at prices that are affordable to citizens and of high quality, through a national policy for medicines that guarantees access to essential medicines.

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research put forward some recommendations that are based on setting a major strategy that has several pillars, including those related to supporting the pharmaceutical industry and advanced scientific research, as well as drug registration operations, monitoring production and storage operations, which would advance the drug industry in Egypt, and increase Its ability to compete in global markets.

Taj al-Din: The file of the drug industry is of great importance
Dr. Muhammad Awad Tajuddin, Advisor to the President of the Republic for health and prevention affairs, stressed that the drug industry file is of great importance, and the state places it at the top of its priorities, and the Corona virus crisis highlighted the vital role of the drug industry, which appeared from the attempts of different countries around the world to produce a vaccine For the emerging virus.

Major General Bahaa El-Din Zaidan pointed out that the unified purchasing authority has contributed an active role during the past period to secure the country's needs of medical supplies and devices during the period of the "Corona" virus, reviewing for his part some points that contribute positively to supporting the drug industry strategy in Egypt.

Issam: The drug industry is related to national security
For his part, Dr. Tamer Essam, head of the Egyptian Medicines Authority, indicated during the meeting that the drug industry has two parts, the first of which is related to national security, and the related provision of strategic drugs needed for citizens, and the second part has to do with establishing investments in this field, like the rest of Domains and then pumping new capital into the arteries of the economy and increasing employment rates.

He pointed out that the authority is working to facilitate the procedures for drug registration, as well as assisting manufacturers to advance this important industry.

The Prime Minister directed to study all the theses and recommendations that were discussed during the meeting, while clarifying the priorities of work towards the proposed items, in order to accelerate the implementation of this national strategy for the drug industry in Egypt, and achieve its goals.

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