Thanks to Trezeguet ... Nasif Sawiris continues in the Premier League

Thanks to Trezeguet ... Nasif Sawiris continues in the Premier League

Officially .. Nassir Sawiris, the Egyptian billionaire, ensured that his club "Aston Villa" remained in the Premier League, after yesterday's draw with West Ham United with a goal for each, to save the team owned by the richest Egyptian businessman from falling to the first division "Championship".

Nasif Sawiris, who is ranked 373 in the list of the world's richest billionaires, according to Bloomberg, appeared in Villa Park Castle, the stronghold of Aston Villa, to July 20, 2018, when Chinese businessman Tony Xia, owner of Aston Villa, announced the acquisition of the Egyptian billionaire Sawiris blamed 55% of the prestigious English club, to start a new investment experience for Egyptian businessmen with English clubs, after Mohamed Al-Fayed's experience with Fulham, and Asem Allam with Hull City.

After an absence of 3 years from the Premier League lights, Sawiris managed to qualify for the Premier League team after only one season had passed, and yesterday he managed to achieve the difficult equation by keeping him in the Premier League in the last moments.

The help of Egyptians, Mahmoud Trezeguet and Ahmed Al-Muhammadi
The Aston Villa team, which is encouraged by Prince William the Crown Prince of Britain, includes the Egyptian duo Ahmed Al-Muhammadi and Mahmoud Hassan “Trezeguet, and the latter had a prominent role in the continuation of the team in the Premier League, as he managed to score 6 goals in 34 games, including the double win over Crystal Palace in the 35th round, A goal in round 37 at Arsenal nets, they were a lifeline for the team, to call him at Villa Park "the man of hard times", in addition to three other goals in the nets of Liverpool, Wolverhampton and Chelsea in rounds 11, 12 and 15.


Aston Villa bankruptcy rescue plan
Before the intervention of Sawiris and his American partner, Wess Edins, the situation was difficult for Aston Villa, in light of the huge losses expected to reach 5 million pounds per month due to the team's failure to qualify for the Premier League.

Christian Borslow, CEO of Aston Villa, explained in statements published by the English newspaper "Birmingham Mill" on July 21, that the former owner of the club was unable to pay 4.1 million pounds to the British tax authority, which reveals the extent of the violent financial crisis that almost ravaged the club to Abyss in the summer of 2018.

He added, that Nassif Sawiris and his American partner Wesley Edins put 60 million pounds in the club's treasury immediately after they acquired the property of the club, which was facing the specter of bankruptcy, which was a new starting point for the club at the financial level.

Sawiris and his partner allocated 140 million euros to buy deals after qualifying, among which 10 million euros were obtained by the Turkish club Qasim Pasha to sell the contract of Egyptian star Mahmoud Hassan "Trezeguet".

How much did Sawiris earn from investing in Aston Villa?
The financial pumping by Sawiris did not go unheeded, on the contrary the returns were very fast, the beginning was from winning the "Playoff" match against Derby County last year, which was described as the most expensive game in the history of football, and the club's returns amounted to about 170 One million pounds sterling equivalent to about 215 million dollars.

The club will receive about another 155 million dollars after its success in staying in the Premier League after the first season, which is more than what the winning team in the European Champions League and the winning team will receive the World Cup, according to a report of the company "Deloitte" one of the largest accounting and financial consulting companies in the world .

Nassef Sawiris, the richest person in Egypt, has a wealth of $ 5.6 billion
Nassef Sawiris is the richest person in Egypt at the present time, with his wealth estimated at $ 5.63 billion, a decrease of $ 1.2 billion from the beginning of this year, according to Bloomberg Agency, and it is ranked 373 among the world's richest people.

Sawiris is the CEO of OCI N.V, a Dutch nitrogen fertilizer company with an estimated capital of 5.3 billion euros, and is one of the most important companies producing chemical industries globally. He is also the CEO of Topco in the NNS Group, a prominent investment company.

Nasif Sawiris owns 6% of Adidas
Nassef Sawiris is the most prominent shareholder in Adidas AG, the most famous in the world of sports products, and through his company, NNS owns about 6% of its shares, and in 2016 Nassef became a member of the company’s board of directors. Capital, which was established for construction and investment in sports and media.

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