"Think Commercial" table discusses companies' plans to deal with developments in the real estate market during 2020

"Think Commercial" table discusses companies' plans to deal with developments in the real estate market during 2020

Media Avenue announced the launch of the fourth round of the "Commercial Commercial" round table on the 18th of next August under the auspices of Dr. Assem El-Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, to discuss the future of the Egyptian real estate market in light of the new reality imposed by the "Corona" crisis.

The round table is scheduled to be held with the governmental participation of the Ministry of Housing and a number of major real estate developers who will discuss online "webinar" about companies' plans to deal with market developments during the remainder of 2020 as well as development plans in the next year.

During the previous sessions, "Think Commercial" witnessed official sponsorship from the Ministry of Housing, a strong presence of Ministry officials, senior leaders of the Egyptian real estate sector, real estate development experts and real estate finance, and members of the House of Representatives.

The table will be held in its fourth edition under the title, "The Real Estate Market and the Door Out of the Corona Crisis" and the developers will present their vision of the market and opportunities to benefit from the changes witnessed in the real estate sector in 2020.

"Think Commercial" also discusses the effects of state decisions to support economic sectors on companies' plans, including the Ministry of Housing postponing land installments for real estate companies, extending project implementation periods, and other facilities needed by companies.

The table also discusses companies ’plans to deal with real estate challenges, sales promotion mechanisms, and the facilities that it can offer to its customers, along with its expansion plans in 2021.
The developers also offer their assessment of the mechanism of "immediate allocation" which was adopted by the Urban Communities Authority during the past year to allocate land in new cities along with the impact of the Central Bank Real Estate Finance initiative for middle income on the growth of corporate sales and how to benefit from them.

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